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Schooling For Ruling 2016

St. Kitts, Nevis, also known as the West Indies is an island situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean See. St. Kitts is possesses a lot of history as it was a pivotal port for the African Slave Trade.

Worship on the island of St. Kitts is like no other place. The power and presence of God is tangible to the point of provoking demons to manifest and breaking chains of bondage through the glory of God. The annual Schooling for Ruling Conference hosted by Apostle Alan and Prophetess Debbie Isaac and Rivers of Living Waters with Dr. John Tetsola, Bishop Charles Mellette was a time of re-evaluating who we are in Christ and our Unction to Function. Dr. McCullum ministered the word of God as well as stirred the house with powerful worship, releasing many from demonic oppression through the preached word and the song of the Lord.

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